Pension Analysis:

You have two free options:


1. Select the DIY (Do It Yourself) package.  Regular Price $49.95.  Limited Free Offer

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2. Select the Free Pension Consultation (Done For You) package (subject to availability) 

Why would we do this? Until now, we have used the software only for our own clients. We want to introduce it to the lump sum vs. annuity

community of pension plan participants who are seeking answers to their pension decision questions. We invite you to share this special

offer with your co-workers and colleagues.   

1. DIY Package (requires Windows Excel)

The Lump Sum vs Annuity DIY (Do It Yourself) Package allows you to get your hands dirty. That is, you can get into the nitty-gritty analysis of your pension options, running as many scenarios as you wish!  This option gives you lifetime access for a one-time purchase price. (This is not a subscription!)


Purchase, Install and run the LSVA 3.0 Software.

Are you a “numbers” person?  Do you have Excel installed in Windows? If so, this is the perfect option for you.  Plug in your pension benefit data and run your own analysis.  We won’t leave you hanging though.   You will receive video training materials and we’ll be standing by to answer your questions.  Once you have completed your analysis, the software has a feature that allows you to share it with your financial advisor or one of our financial advisors for input.  This option is perfect for you if you have a knack for number crunching but don’t want to spend more than four years (like we did) building a tool!

Included in the sofware package:

  • Our Flagship LSVA 3.0 single lifetime software license
  • Unlimited scenarios
  • Share with advisor feature
  • Software Training Videos in the My Training section
  • Lifetime Software Updates
  • Secure Cloud storage for easy account retrieval
  • Installs easily and quickly!
  • Instant Access to RetireCode Member Resources!
  • Access to All Reports and Charts In LSVA Dashboard!
  • Free bonuses!

2. FREE PENSION CONSULTATION (Excel not required)

Lump Sum vs Annuity 3.0 – RetireCode Package


The Lump Sum vs Annuity DFY (Done For You) Package includes:

FREE RetireCode Consultation Package. Do you want to get answers quickly without having to learn the ins and outs of a new software suite? A RetireCode representative who is also a registered financial advisor will conduct an analysis for you, using your pension data.  He/She will help you understand the results of your reports and provide you with the information you need to make an informed pension decision. This option is ideal for those who do not already have a financial advisor, or who wish to work with an advisor who is experienced with our software.

Included in this package:

  • Initial telephone meeting for introductions and to gather your pension data
  • A Registered Financial Advisor will conduct your analysis
  • Results will be presented to you via web meeting (Zoom)
  • Free bonuses for all participants!
  • This is a limited offer, based on availability of appointment times, so if you are interested, please act fast!