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If you are a pension plan participant or if you are a financial professional who works with pension plan participants, LSVA (Lump Sum vs. Annuity) 3.0 will pull back the curtain and help you understand pension options like no other tool on the market.  We know because we have worked with many clients who were hungry for information about how they could analyze their pension options to make an informed decision.  To help them, we searched high and low for resources that are easy to use and easy to understand.  There were none.  So, we set out to create it.

If you want to understand your pension options and see them compared and simplified before your eyes, don’t do what we did and spend three years developing a solution.  Tap into LSVA 3.0 and the accompanying Video Training, to help you understand your options better than any other analysis tool.  How can we say that?  It’s because there is simply nothing else like it.

Want to know the answer to the question, “Should I elect the Lump Sum or select one of the Pension (annuity) options?”  Put this in your cart and get started!




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