Frequently Asked Questions:

Will Training Be Provided?

Absolutely! When you order, you’ll be given instant access to our Member Training section with Training Videos

…plus Lifetime Access to our support team.

What's the Difference Between LSVA and LSVA Manager?

LSVA can be used by individuals who only need one Employee/ Joint Annuitant OR if you want to manage several analyses for other people, you can use the software as an LSVA manager. A special LSVA manager license is issued to those who checkout using the LSVA Manager products. LSVA Manager is most commonly used by Financial Advisors, Tech-savvy friends, HR Reps, etc.

What Is a 'Hurdle Rate'?

The Hurdle Rate is how much you’d have to make investing your Lump Sum in the market to do better than the current Pension Option.

The Hurdle Rate chart compares these options visually, so you can immediately see the interest rate you’d have to invest to beat the pension (with the current Life Expectancy ages).

Does The Software Account For Join Survivor Benefits (JSA)?

Yes! LSVA can calculate the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) for Joint Survivor Benefits, even if the spouse/ joint annuitant would be expected to live longer than the primary beneficiary.

Example: John and Mary are estimating their life expectancy to be 80 and 82, respectively. Mary is expected to live 2 years longer, so LSVA calculates those 2 years of extra pension benefits according to each specific plan!

Can It Calculate How Much I'll Be Able To Leave To My Heirs?

Absolutely! LSVA automatically shows you the Legacy amount for each and every scenario and Pension Option you’ll leave to your heirs.

The Lump Sum Compare and Monthly Balance Charts show you detailed information about the Lump Sum compared to the current pension option and your Legacy with each plan.

Where Do I Find Out About Probability and Life Expectancy?

We have a module included in the program that helps you with Probability and Life Expectancy that will get you on your path to answers!

How Is This Different Than A Mortgage/ Amortization Calculator?

Great Question! LSVA is the result of 5 years of hard work with a team of Financial Advisors/ Software Developers and goes well beyond the scope of a simple amortization scheduler. With over 50 advanced pension options, we are one of a kind in the industry.

LSVA summarizes a complex series of calculations in an instant for your benefit, but it considers much more than a mortgage calculator, including

  • Employee Life Expectancy
  • Joint Annuitant Life Expectancy
  • Multiple Pension Options
  • Reverse Engineers the IRR for each Amount
  • Creates Summarized Reports/Graphs for each Comparison
  • Automated Proof Calculators
  • Analyzes Joint Survivor Benefits
  • Computes Inheritance to Heirs for each option!

Can I See What The Lump Sum AND Each Pension Option Would Look Like If I Could Get 5% Return?

Yep! With LSVA’s Dashboard, you can access the Present Value chart and immediately compare exactly what each would be worth compared to your 5% (or 3%, 8%, etc) return on your Lump Sum.

You can play with the return percentage and change it as much as you want – you can change the Life Expectancy age(s) too for further research!

Does LSVA Support Level Income Calculations (LEVEL62/LEVEL65)?

Yes! You can run Level Income scenarios with LSVA.

I Already Have the Withdrawal Rate. Isn't That The Rate of Return?!

Actually, no! Many people can easily figure the Withdrawal Rate with their Pension Options, but this is NOT the Rate of Return. It may look sweeter than it actually is.

Example: Bob’s Lump Sum is $100,000. He gets $500/mo x 12 months = $6,000/yr

6,000 / 100,000 = 6% withdrawal rate.

If Bob only lives ~17 years, all he’s drawn out is 100,000 which is a 0% rate of return. This is the same as if Bob just drew his own money out and it ran out right when he passed away.

How Long Can I Get Support?

You have Lifetime Access to the RetireCode Support team if you have any questions about the software or need help.

How Do I Contact RetireCode Support?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

Software Requirements

What you’ll need:

  • A Windows Computer
  • Microsoft Excel

If you have any questions, please contact us at